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About Love

Love Mercury is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Hakomi Practitioner and one of the Lead Facilitators and Trainers for The Congregation of Sacred Practices.

Her journey to self discovery began at an early age. She took her healing into her own hands and traveled around the world to study the ancient wisdom of folklore, prayers, Thai massage, and natural ways to heal the body. Her path organically grew into becoming a Holistic Health Practitioner where she launched four healing centers that she managed for over a decade. These healing centers specialized in women’s health and included offerings such as massage, meditation, spiritual counseling, ritual teaching, and empowering women to build better relationships with their bodies.

Feeling called to her Mexican ancestral heritage, Love’s life would be forever changed when she answered the call from Spirit and went on a spiritual pilgrimage to connect with her roots through visiting the lands of her Grandmothers. She traveled to France, Spain, and Mexico which eventually led her to Peru and Columbia where she was introduced to the sacred plant medicines that helped heal her not only in the physical realm, but mentally, energetically, and spiritually.

When she returned from her travels, it was clear that she must continue on her healing journey and enrolled in the Hakomi Institute. After graduation, Love started her own coaching and counseling practice. She also began training at The Center for Consciousness Medicine and became a Psychedelic Guide to help accelerate her clients healing.

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