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I began with traditional education but left a couple of years into the path to pursue an inner calling to the world of the healing arts.   The study of our wholeness and how we heal ourselves. The discovery of the truth in our hearts continues to be the path that lights me up.

It was when I became a mother that my true intentional

healing journey began. I realized and understood the impact my choices would have on this life coming through me. So I began the journey of sorting through my psyche, heart, and mind to heal, and accept my own wholeness and the perfection of my journey.  What a ride it has been! I am so grateful for this life and all the experiences it has brought to me for growth.

The layers of my childhood, adolescent, and young adulthood have been rich with content and propelled the need for this deep dive into my self-discovery. 

my approach

I practice Hakomi Therapy which encompasses holding the space of loving presence and curiosity.  This is a gentle, mindfullness based, body centered therapy that through a process of assisted self discovery can help you slow down the noise in your mind in order to access the felt sense of what is happening inside of you in present moment.


I feel inspired by the stories that we carry and how they are passed down by the generations that came before us.  My mother is very earth based and holistic being which developed in me a natural connection to the earth, its rythyms and cycles. I was particualry close with both my grandmothers and had the priveledge of having connection & relationship with both of my great-grandmothers.  This has helped weave a deep curiosity around woman's wisdom and healing traditions from around the world.  In much of my travels and studies, there has been a focus on woman's wisdom, forgotten knowledge, stories, songs, artwork and healing modalities.

I am empowered to hold the knowing and space that, no matter what we have lived through in our lives and experiences that, our hearts are not broken.  We are whole and lovable, perfect just as we are.  

We can learn from each other, support each other , heal and thrive together.
I hold the space and presence of loving compassion, follow my intuition and am guided by my heart.


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